Yesterday I met my old school friend, and I was surprised to see him with a huge smile, all optimistic and jolly. It was almost closing time at the local bank and everyone there was gray and moody. We got to talking, and I discovered that the man has not been working for a boss ever since he left college almost seven years ago and was making almost twice as much as I was. To the question how that was possible he only smiled and said: “the Internet, baby!” Here are some ways you can make money without ever leaving your home.

binary-optionsBanc de Binary – existing for almost a decade now, this institution is one of the first ones and is almost single-handedly responsible for the popularity of the binary options in the first place. As the pioneer of the business Banc is sure to give you good rates and conditions if you start working with them. Binary options are a way to earn money predicting the movement of value for individual commodities, currencies and much more. It is similar to stock but more limited in the options and much easier to get into. It doesn’t require you to be a financial wizard or even to know too much about the trading systems. The platform is highly developed and can operate automatic or semi-automatic. Choose your an an app to guide you through binary options trading at Top 7 Binary Robots.

artArt – if you are good with a brush, pen or pencil, there is probably a way to make it count in your monthly budget. The internet is bringing billions of people together, and it is now easier than ever to find the ones that would like to hire you. It is hard to even to get started on this since so much is regarded as art and there are just as many ways to get paid. Paint a portrait, design a logo, make a dress, plan a party theme or a college jersey, and you can get some bonus in your bank account. After you get better, you can make this your primary source of income and stop worrying about job forever. Be creative in finding your creative dream job, and you might surprise yourself when you land a dream opportunity!

codingCoding – which the computers, smart phones, and internet all around us, people have always feared that humans will become obsolete workforce and that machines will replace them on all fields. Today we can see it is not happening that way and while some job descriptions are disappearing – others are sprouting and getting more and more popular. One of such is a programming. If the world is full of computers, then guess what we need a lot of to make them work? Electricity and brains, human minds that can fix the problems and invent new and better ways to utilize this technology. So, if you can write code, the chances are that your future is set and all you need to do is look for a job online!